Take Me Home

Act I

Act II



Electronic Girl Supersonic World

Chronicles of a Fallen Love

Hold On, We're Going Home

Dominos (Preview)

Spectrum (Black Love Experience Edit)

Long Drive with Your Frineds

The Ambitious Girl is a mixtape in its truest form of the word. It is a compilation of my favorite pieces over the last four years as a designer, a filmmaker, and most recently, a photographer. It’s a body of work that has spanned across China, UK, and here in the United States. It is entirely self-produced, self-funded.

The title is inspired by a track on a Wale mixtape, More About Nothing. The ability to look ahead and recognize someone’s potential is essential. Whether as an artist working with your team, at a dimly lit dinner table looking at your next companion, or in the mirror looking back at you. Find that potential, and act on it!

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